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About us

The Silueta Aesthetics has one simple objective: helping you get the body shape that you have always desired without having to put your body at risk going through pain by undergoing surgery.

Our philosophy is that with today’s cosmetic technological advances, costly, invasive or risky surgical procedures are an unnecessary way of achieving the perfect look. Instead, we provide treatments that are very safe and easy to undergo so that our clients can receive fantastically effective fat-reduction treatments without even having to experience any real pain or surgery recovery time.

What we do

Our aim is to provide male and female treatments, by introducing a variety of non-invasive facials and body treatments that will gives your body a desire shape.

Face is a priority. Pollution and free radicals start to affect our skin producing more pigmentation levels, while collagen and elastin diminish.

We treat fat with non-invasive, alternative to liposuction with cavitation (Ultra-Sound), radio frequency and 3d Dermology. We use a combination of alternative fat and cellulite reduction treatments such as Vacuum therapy, muscle toning therapy that provides overall wellness that your body needs in order to achieve weight loss and contour.

Only on slimming treatments we provide advice on nutrition and guide you to make the most of treatments results.

Why 3D-lipo?

Cavitation, Radio Frequency and 3D Dermology is the new 3 Dimensional approach to the problem ensures that nothing else offers such a complete and effective solution, offering a true alternative to liposuction.

Unlike other lipo offerings that utilize Diode Laser (I-Lipo, Strawberry and Laser Lipo) our technology, Cavitation waves physically destroys the fat cell. The advantage of this is that the client is not required to exercise post treatment in order to metabolize the released fat which is a significant advantage over existing methods.

Added to this ,with the combination of Radio frequency and 3D-Dermology, you are able to combine an effective skin tightening application for both face and body and also target cellulite.

Here are just some of the countless benefits Cavitation from The Silueta Aesthetics can give you:

  • A completely noninvasive treatment
  • No need for a hospital stay
  • Anaesthetic is not required
  • There is no scarring or long term marking to the skin
  • Fat is broken down and eliminated naturally by the body
  • Patients experience very little discomfort
  • Fat is eliminated permanently
  • Half hour sessions can be tailored to suit your lifestyle and specific needs

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening is a non-invasive procedure that forms part of our 3D Lipo System and can promote a more youthful and toned appearance without surgery. This treatment is suitable for a number of body issues and is highly effective following fat cell removal. When radio frequency energy meets the collagen in the skin, the heat and resistance experienced causes skin to contract and tighten.

Another benefit of using RF treatments is that they can help to promote the growth of new collagen further improving the condition and appearance of your skin.

At Silueta Aesthetics, we use proven radio frequency technology that is effective for the following treatments:

  • Cellulite removal and reduction
  • Fat removal and reduction
  • Skin tightening
  • Sculpting, toning and reshaping

We also provide body massages treatments which helps you release stress from daily life.
Here is a guide to how your body can benefit from massages.

The Skeletal System: Bone is affected indirectly by massage. Improved circulation of blood brings oxygen and nutrients to the bones. Joint stiffness and pain can be reduced. As the muscles become more flexible, joint movement increases.

The Muscular System: Some massage movements relax and stretch muscles, reducing muscular tension and cramp. Massage also makes muscles more flexible by reducing muscle tone. Muscles tired by exercise are more quickly restored by massage than by rest.

The Nervous System: Soothing massage can provide relief from nervous irritability and stress-related conditions such as insomnia and tension headaches. When used energetically to stimulate, massage may relieve lethargy and fatigue.

Circulation System: Massage

can improve the flow of blood, which can help poor circulation. This is especially useful for anyone who is immobile.

Lymphatic System: Gentle massage stimulates the lymphatic system, which helps clear the body of a build-up of waste products. The relaxing effect of the massage can relieve stress, which in turn can boost the immune system.

Respiratory System: As you become more relaxed during a massage, respiration may become slower and deeper as you are using your diaphragm for breathing and expending less energy. Physiotherapists use cupping movements over the base of the lungs to relieve chest congestion.

Digestive System: Massage aids relaxation and therefore can help to increase the movement of food and waste products through the digestive system. This relaxation can have a balancing effect on the digestive system.

Urinary System: Waste products that have been released during massage find their way via the blood to the kidneys where they may be filtered out and eliminated.

Female Reproductive System: Menstrual problems such as period pains and PMS can be alleviated by the relaxing effects of massage, as can menopausal symptoms.


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

Reiki also balance the energy stress (chakras)of your body and wii unblock any patterns or issues that have been holding you back from living the life you have desire.